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Today I Taught My Child

When I got mad today and hit my child
“For his own good, ” I reconciled,
and then I realized my plight…
Today, I taught my child to fight.

When interrupted by the phone,
I said, “tell them I’m not home.”
And then I thought, and had to sigh…
Today I taught my child to lie.

I told the tax man what I made,
forgetting cash that was paid,
And than I blushed at this sad feat…
Today I taught my child to cheat.

I smugly copied a cassette,
To keep me from one more debt,
But now the bells of shame must peal…
Today I taught my child to steal.

Today I cursed another race,
Oh God, protect what I debase,
for now, I fear it is too late…
Today I taught my child to hate.

By my example, children learn
That I must lead in life’s sojourn
In such a way they are led
By what is done and not what is said.

Today I gave my child his due
By praise for him instead of rue.
And now I have begun to guide;
Today I gave my child pride.

I now have reconciled and paid
to IRS all that I have made.
And now I know that this dear youth,
Today has learned from me the truth.

The alms I give are not for show,
And yet, this child must surely know
That charity is worth the price:
Today he saw my sacrifice.

I clasp within a warm embrace
My neighbor of another race.
The great commandment from up above.
Today I taught my child to love.

Someday my child must face alone
This fearsome undertone,
But I have blazed a sure pathway:
Today I taught my child to pray.

Abide in Him

“I am the vine, you are the branches. The one who abides in Me, while I abide in him, produces much fruit…” (John 15:5).

When you abide in something, it becomes your very source for life. Did you know God wants you to live in Him? He wants to be your source. Abiding in God means you rely on Him for everything. You rely on Him for your strength, provision, hope, joy. Like the air you breath, you rely on Him for your very life.

When you are abiding in Him, you think about Him when you go to sleep. You think about Him when you first wake up. You think about His promises all throughout the day and continually fellowship with Him in prayer. You make Him your number one priority and stay connected with other believers at church. Notice what this verse says: you will produce much fruit. When you are connected to God, everything you set your hand to will be fruitful and blessed. Just like a branch thrives when it is connected to the vine, you’re going to thrive and be prosperous when you are connected to Almighty God. Depend on Him today and make Him your number one priority. As you abide in Him, He will pour out His abundant favor on you and you will live in blessing all the days of your life.

Your Wake Up Call !!!

You’ve already heard about her.

Perhaps you have even seen her.

If you haven’t you should.

Above all the roar and thunder. Above all the praise and cheering. Far above all else, there is a message here for all of us.

I love happy endings. I love when the under dog wins against all odds. The David and Goliath stories take my heart and squeezes it until I can no longer restrain myself. I will jump up and cheer. I will shout to roof tops in celebration.

Every once in awhile the world is reminded that we put frivilous, fake and superficial ahead of reason, compassion and dignity.

Then God steps in and says “look…you are a masterpiece. You are a bright shining example of my work. Lift up your head and hold it high! Your gifts may not be obvious to the world, but who are they to judge my creation!”

Today, break the bonds that tie you down. Loosen the grip you have held on words like “not good enough,” “failure,” “ugly,” “useless,” “unworthy,” and “hopeless.”

You may indeed need to work harder. You may have to fight prejudice. You may be ridiculed and mocked for even thinking you can succeed. But you are His child. You are better than all of that. You are more than you ever imagined and greater than all you believe.

Stand up! Get moving! Start planning! Discover today what God sees in you, by asking Him to reveal it in all of its glory.

You need not stand on a stage, in a spot light, write an epic novel or discover the cure for cancer. But you must, I repeat, you MUST, live up to your full potential. Perhaps as a wife, mother, husband, father, teacher, mechanic, singer, dancer, painter, friend, lover, janitor, plumber or anything you believe is your gift to the world.

For as the ugly duckling became the graceful swan, you will develop into the perfection only you can be. The greatest, shining example of YOU!

Now, go and watch this ordinary, simple, woman who is mocked by the crowd and judges until…until God said “Shut up and listen! She is my Child!”

And the self centered opened their hearts. The cynical became believers. The world was reminded that everyone is a gift given by God. Yes, that includes you, my friend. Follow this link, watch, listen and then thank God, for this day. It is “Your Wake Up Call!”   Susan Boyle    (Click the Link to watch and listen).
Thank you, Susan Boyle!

“I believe in You!”

~ Bob Perks ~

God is Calling…

When you are scared or confused

and you don’t know what to do

and you don’t know where to turn

always remember this:

Sorrow looks back,

Worry looks around,

Faith looks up.

My Party

My Party Bear

I planned an exclusive party.
I worked on my plans lavishly.
The theme of my party was “pity”
And the only guest was “poor me.”

I dwelt upon each hurt and sorrow,
And probed all the problems I faced,
While each of the slights I had suffered
Around me I carefully placed.

I spent endless hours in my misery,
Recalling the depth of each pain,
As each reappeared it grew larger,
Thus causing more pity to gain.
My Party Blue Bear
The longer I stayed at my party,
The more I felt sorry for me.
And the lower I sank in depression,
The less of real hope I could see.

I reluctantly opened my Bible,
And read of God’s love and His grace.
The Lord touched my heart at that moment,
As tears coursed their way down my face.

I started to count all my blessings,
And realized as never before,
That when I think they’re all numbered,
The Lord keeps on giving me more.
My Party Blue Bear


I prayed to the Lord for forgiveness
For failing His mercy to see.
Now I ask you to join my new party
And celebrate God’s goodness with me!