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Jesus measures greatness by service, not status

Jesus measures greatness by service, not status
Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Mark 10:43

The world defines greatness in terms of power, possessions, prestige &
position. In our self-serving culture with its me-first mentality,
acting like a servant is not a popular concept. God measures greatness
in terms of service, not status. God determines your greatness by how
many people you serve. This is so contrary to the world’s idea of
greatness that we have a hard time understanding it, much less
practicing it.

Thousands of books have been written on leadership, but few on servant
hood. Everyone wants to lead, no one wants to be a servant. Even
Christians want to be “servant-leaders” not servants. Having the heart
of a servant is more important.  God shaped you for service, not for
self-centeredness. Without a servant’s heart, you will be tempted to
misuse your shape for personal gain.

God often tests our hearts by asking us to serve in ways we’re not
shaped. Your primary ministry should be in the area of your shape, but
your secondary service is wherever you’re needed at the moment. Your
shape reveals your ministry, but your servant’s heart will reveal your

Anyone can be a servant. All it requires is the Character.

Who is JESUS???

Jesus is honest, truth, compassionate, gentle,kind, merciful, thoughtful, uncruel, the reality, powerful, faithful, King of kings, Lord of lords, Al…mighty, glorious, wonderful, The Mighty God, The True God, God My Saviour, The God of the Whole Earth, God Manifest in the Flesh, Emmanuel, God with Us, The Highest, The Lord of Glory, The Almighty, Which Is, and Which Was, and Which is to Come, The Creator of All Things, The Upholder of All Things, The Everlasting Father , The Beginning and the Ending, The Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last, The Life, Eternal Life, That Eternal Life Which Was with the Father, The Word, The Word of Life, The Word of God, The Image of God, The Image of the Invisible God, Wisdom, The Wisdom of God, The Power of God, The Son of Man, The Son of Abraham, The Son of David, The Seed of Abraham, The Saviour of the World, Anointed, The Lamb of God, The Lamb that Was Slain, The Lamb in the Midst of the Throne, The Lamb (the Bridegroom), The Lamb (the Temple of the City), The Lamb (the Light of the City), The Lamb (the Governor), One Shepherd, The Way, The Door of the Sheep, The Shepherd of Israel, The Shepherd and Bishop of Souls, The Good Shepherd (that laid down His Life), The Great Shepherd (that was brought again from the dead), The Chief Shepherd (that shall again appear), The Root of Jesse, The Root of David, The Root and Offspring of David, A Rod out of the Stem of Jesse, A Branch out of His Roots, The Branch, The Branch of the Lord, The Branch of Righteousness, A Righteous Branch, A Branch Strong for Thyself, The Vine, The True Vine, The Tree of Life, The Corn of Wheat, The Bread of God, The True Bread from Heaven, The Bread Which Came Down from Heaven, The Bread of Life, The Living Bread, The Hidden Manna, The Rose of Sharon, The Lily of the Valleys, A Bundle of Myrrh, A Cluster of Camphire, The Light, The True Light, A Great Light, A Light Come into the World, The Light of the World, The Light of Men, A Light to Lighten the Gentiles, A Star, The Morning Star, The Bright and Morning Star, The Day Star, The Dayspring from on High,The Sun of Righteousness, The Strength of the Children of Israel, A Strength to the Poor, A Strength to the Needy in Distress, A Refuge from the Storm, A Covert from the Tempest, A Horn of Salvation, The Rock, My Strong Rock, The Rock of Ages, The Rock That Is Higher Than I, My Rock and My Fortress, The Rock of My Strength, The Rock of My Refuge, A Rock of Habitation, The Rock of My Heart, The Rock of My Salvation, My Rock and My Redeemer, That Spiritual Rock, The Rock that Followed Them, A Shadow from the Heat, The Builder, The Foundation, A Sure Foundation, A Stone, A Living Stone, A Tried Stone, A Chief Cornerstone, An Elect Stone, A Precious Stone, The Head Stone of the Corner, A Stone Cut Out Without Hands, The Temple, A Sanctuary, The Minister of the Sanctuary and of the True Tabernacle, Minister of the Circumcision, The Veil (His Flesh), The Altar, The Offerer, An Offering, A Sacrifice, A Ransom (His Life), The Lamb, The Lamb Slain, The Forerunner, The Mercy-Seat (or Propitiation), A Priest, The High Priest, A Great High Priest, The Mediator, The Daysman, The Interpreter, The Intercessor, The Advocate, The Surety, The Gift of God, His Unspeakable Gift, My Beloved, in Whom My Soul Is Well Pleased, Mine Elect, in Whom My Soul Delighteth, The Chosen of God, Thy Salvation, The Salvation of the Daughter of Zion, The Redeemer, The Shiloh (Peace Maker), The Consolation of Israel, The Blessed, The Most Blessed Forever, The Truth, The Faithful and True, A Covenant of the People, The Testator or Covenantor, The Faithful Witness, The Faithful and True Witness, A Witness to the People, The Amen, The Just, The Just One, Thine Holy One, The Holy One, and the Just, The Holy One of Israel, The Holy One of God, Holy, Holy, Holy, The Beginning of the Creation of God, My Firstborn, The Firstborn from the Dead, The First Begotten of the Dead, The Firstborn Among Many Brethren, The Firstfruits of Them That Slept, The Last Adam, The Resurrection, A Quickening Spirit, The Head (Even Christ), The Head of the Body, the Church, The Head Over All Things to the Church, he Head of Every Man, The Head of All Principality and Power, The Captain of the Host of the Lord, The Captain of Salvation, The Author and Finisher of Faith, A Leader, A Commander, Ruler, A Governor, The Deliverer, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, An Ensign of the People, The Chiefest Among Ten Thousand (in an army) or Standard Bearer, A Polished Shaft, The Shield, The Lord, One Lord, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Lord Both of the Dead and Living, Lord of the Sabbath, Lord of Peace, Lord of All, Lord Over All, The Messiah the Prince, The Prince of Life, A Prince and a Saviour, The Prince of Peace, The Prince of Princes, The Prince of the Kings of the Earth, A Prince (among Israel), The Glory of Thy People Israel, He That Filleth All in All, The Judge, The Righteous Judge, The King, A Sceptre (out of Israel), The King's Son, The King of Israel, King of the Daughter of Zion, The King of the Jews, The King of Saints, or King of Nations, King Over All the Earth, The King of Righteousness, The King of Peace, The King of Glory, The King in His Beauty, Crowned with a Crown of Thorns, Crowned with Glory and Honour, Crowned with a Crown of Pure Gold, Crowned with Many Crowns. Amen!!!

Philippians 2: 9 – 11
Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee SHOULD bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Its not every knee shall bow…but SHOULD bow…SHOULD bow…SHOULD bow…

This is MY JESUS!!! Far superior, stronger, mightier and Lord over the Devil.

Have you made this Jesus your Lord??? If yes, then the Devil has to beware of us!!! Hallelujah!!!


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Nothing Can Stand Up To God’s Love

Romans 8:35 – Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall
tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril,
or sword?

The pastor Hokkien and Mandarin congregations, Pastor Mark, used to suffer
from certain health problems before he became a Christian. His doctor told
him that he had to be on medication for life. He also had a huge financial
debt. But when he caught hold of the teaching that he is God’s beloved, he
believed it totally. He also believed that nothing could be greater than
God’s love for him.

Today, Pastor Mark is off medication and completely delivered from that
debt. God caused him to triumph over his sickness and debt because he cannot
be defeated when he knows that he is God’s beloved.

Tribulation, distress or persecution cannot stop your heavenly Father’s love
from working on your behalf. His love for you is bigger and stronger than
your financial woes, marital problems or health concerns. And when God’s
heart of love moves for His beloved, He opens doors that no one can shut and
He makes a way when there seems to be none.

Even during lean times, you will never find the righteous forsaken. King
David said, “I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the
righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread.” (Psalm 37:25) Can
famine or recession stop God’s love from providing for His beloved? No! So
don’t think to yourself, “I must provide for my family. If I don’t, who is
going to take care of them? How are they going to survive?” God wants you to
know that His love will continue to provide abundantly for you and your

What about deadly pestilences such as bird flu and mad cow disease, natural
disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes, or terrorist bombings? My
friend, these things cannot devour you because His love protects you. You
will enjoy His protection when you know that you are His beloved.

Because God’s love is greater than all the evil put together, we are more
than conquerors through Christ who loved us. (Romans 8:37) We always win in
the fight of life not because of our love for Him, but because of His love
for us!

God speak to me…

The man whispered, “God, speak to me.” And a meadowlark sang.
But, the man did not hear.

Then the man yelled, “God, speak to me!” Thunder rolled across the sky.
But, the man did not listen.

The man looked around and said, “God, let me see you.”
And the stars shined brightly.
But the man did not notice.

And the man shouted, “God, show me a miracle.”
And a life was born.
But the man did not know.

So, the man cried out in despair, “Touch me God, and let me know
you are here.” Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man.
But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

So remember, don’t miss out on a blessing because it
isn’t packaged the way that you expect.

Take notice of the blessings around you.

Don’t be reluctant to show MERCY

Don’t be reluctant to show mercy When people sin, you should forgive
and comfort them, so they won’t give up in despair. 2 Corinthians 2:7

We all need mercy, because we all stumble & fall & require help getting
back on track. We need to offer mercy to each other & be willing to
receive it from each other. You can’t have friendship/fellowship without
forgiveness because bitterness & resentment always destroys it. Sometimes
we hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally, but either way, it
takes massive amounts of mercy & grace to create & maintain relationships.

God says: You must make allowance for each other’s faults & forgive the
person who offends you. The mercy God shows to us is the motivation for us
to show mercy to others. Whenever you’re hurt by someone, you have a
choice to make.

Many people are reluctant to show mercy because they don’t understand the
difference between trust & forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the
past. Forgiveness must be immediate, whether or not a person asks for it.
Trust has to do with future. Trust requires a track record &  must be
rebuilt over time. If someone hurts you repeatedly, you are commanded by
God to forgive them instantly, but you are not expected to trust them
immediately &  you are not expected to continue allowing them to hurt you.
The best place to restore trust is within the supportive context of a
small group that offers both encouragement & accountability.