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Courtesy – Donald Smith

The flashlight is one of my favorite features on my phone. It allows me to be in complete darkness one moment and then say, “Let there be light!” With the push of a button, suddenly there is light. When there is light from my phone, I can move forward out of darkness with confidence and assurance that I won’t face-plant into a wall. Light is a good thing!

I think God agrees with me. In fact, after God created the heavens and the earth, he said, “Let there be light.” And suddenly there was light. God saw that the light was a good thing, and he separated the light from the darkness. Since that point in time, there has been a great contrast between light and darkness. In fact, there exists a symbolic theme of moral opposition that has been developed throughout the Bible, and we experience it in our daily lives. Light is a word and an idea used in connection with joy, blessing, and life. Darkness is a word and an idea associated with sorrow, adversity, and death. Light represents good and darkness represents evil. It was very creative of God to use light, or, more specifically, a light in the sky, to bring men to discover the Light of the World. We know from the Christmas narrative that a light (star) suddenly appeared in the sky. The light led some wise men to Jesus. It was God saying once again, “Let there be Light.” And the Light is most absolutely a good thing. The Light God sent into the world brings joy to our sorrows, blessings to our adversities, and life to our death. The Light is the reason that good dominates evil and we can clearly see our paths forward. Light coming into the world is worthy of an ENORMOUS celebration.

So, as we continue to celebrate the magic of Christmas, let’s consider the goodness of the Light and remember to let our lights shine during Christmas and throughout the coming year.

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