The Dangerous of Drifting : Coming Against the Tide...

This week we are running with a series of ‘ Dangerous of drifting’.

Christ is always urging men to develop personal initiative and determination, and to cease being tossed to and fro like leave on the stream of life. His condemnation of the men who lived in the days of Noah was not that they were men of violence but that they lived unexamined lives, drifting on the surface of things, yielding weakly to the infection of social influences, eating and drinking in a day of God’s visitation. (See Matt. 24:37-39)

His praise for John the Baptist, on the other hand, was that he was a man of inflexible moral purpose, not “a reed shaken by the wind,” tossed about by every passing breeze of opinion, but one who took his own line and held to it, in spite of the consequences.

So high was Jesus value of a directed life, and his sense of the worthlessness of a drifting life that, to secure the one and avoid the other, He judged that the most drastic efforts were to be taken. “Pluck out your eyes rather than miss life,” He said. “Cut off your hands, your feet. Strive to enter by the narrow door.” (Matt. 18:8-9; Luke 13:24) To be saved demands effort, thoughtfulness, and self-discipline. To be lost makes no such demands. All that’s needed is merely to follow the draft. What could be easier?