More than Conqueror

You’re not a survivor. You are more than a conqueror.

It’s easy to get into a survival mode. When times get tough and things aren’t going our way, it’s tempting to just settle where we are, not believe for increase and not believe to go any further. It’s tempting to think, “If I can just hold on. If I can just make it through another year.” If we’re not careful, we’ll develop a survival mentality to where we’re not releasing our faith. We’re not believing to rise any higher. We’re just hoping to maintain. We’d be satisfied if we could just break even. But we’re not supposed to break even. We’re supposed to break through to a new level, to more of God’s favor, increase and promotion.

God says in the book of Jeremiah that if we’ll keep the Lord as our trust and confidence, God will prosper us even in the desert. He’ll prosper us even in difficult times. That means when others are going under, God says you’ll go over!

God can prosper us even in the desert if we’ll just be bold enough to believe. You were created to thrive in life! Won’t you believe that for your life today?