Etched in his Hand

Hand in hand, we walked together,
Jesus and I through life.
In the palm of His hand it felt so secure
As I traveled through life’s toil and strife.

Why was it that I, just one of so many
Felt loved as if only one?
Then suddenly I knew as I held to His hand
The immense love of God’s only Son.

In the palm of His hand, my fingers felt scars
Put there by cruel Roman nails.
I asked to see just what had been done
When He went through such pain and travail.

I wept when I viewed those wounds in His hands
For there, in the nail prints He bore,
My name was spelled out in those terrible scars
Etched there in His suffering and love.

Overwhelmed in my soul of how much He loved me,
I asked others to come and to view.
And in my amazement and to their surprise,
Their name in His hand was etched, too!

How could it be so? This wonderful Lord
Whose love immeasurable be?
Took everyone’s sin to Calvary’s cross
Yet personally died for me!

Yes, God so loved each one of us
Just as if we were the only one born.
For etched in His hand, His nail scarred hand,
Is your name that will forever be worn.