Holding the Fathers Hand

Picture a young toddler holding hands with their father, walking side by side. A good father always adjusts his pace, according to what the child can handle. He does not walk at his pace and drag the child behind. So, if the child is a toddler, the father will walk very slow. And if the child is a little older, maybe five or six, the father can step up the pace a little. And so this goes on, even up to the point where the father can now walk at a normal pace, while still holding hands with his child the whole time.

The maturity of our faith is equivalent to the pace of the child. At the beginning of our faith, even though we are holding The Good Father’s hand, we must still move slowly, unable to go any faster, as the toddler. And like a child who is growing, who is now able to move at a faster pace, so does our faith also grow, enabling us to move faster, while still holding the Father’s hand the whole time. And so, like the toddler whose learning to walk, who then grows and matures, so does our faith likewise grow and mature.

He gave me understanding and showed me all the above, then said in a strong voice, “Beloved, are you ready to RUN?!”