What we are here for?

I was walking into the local grocery store today when I saw two,
lovely, older ladies getting out of a car. It seemed to be a mother
and daughter both beyond retirement age. It touched my heart to see
how gently the daughter helped her mother to her feet, held her arm,
and guided her steps as they both walked to the store’s entrance. I
felt my soul grow brighter as I watched this scene of tenderness,
caring, and love. It made me smile to think that this loving bond had
lasted well over seventy years and was still going strong.

I waited until both of these beautiful souls got to the door and
then held it open for them to go through. It delighted me when the
mother turned her tiny, smiling face to me and said, “Why thank you
young man.” I could see from the surprised sparkle in her eyes that
she hadn’t expected this tiny act of kindness and help. As I smiled
back at her, though, I could see that she and her daughter had done a
far kinder and more helpful act for me. They had shown me again what
life is truly all about. It is about loving each other, caring for
each other, sharing joy with each other, and helping each other from
the second of our first breath until the moment of our last

God put us in this world to love each other just as He loves us.
To do anything else is to stray from our purpose and invite misery and
unhappiness into our lives. We are here to love everyone be they
family, friends, strangers, or even enemies. We are here to show and
share that love with every smile we give, encouraging word we say, or
kind act we do. Sometimes it is the easiest thing in the world to do
and at other times it is the most difficult. Still, it is what we are
here for and what we are made for. May we all follow those wonderful,
old ladies’ example and joyously show our love for each other.