The Dangerous of Drifting : Slowly Paralyzed

This week we are running with a series ‘Dangerous of drifting’.

What should concern us more than anything is the power of drift to numb our sense of danger. Few men seriously believe that they can drift into the open jaws of Hell. Even when we are conscious that we’re drifting from our charted course and that our spiritual senses are becoming duller, there’s always a false hope in our minds that a little energy and effort on our part can at any time turn the whole situation around. We underestimate the paralyzing influence of drift.

One winter a bird was seen on a piece of wood floating down the river towards Niagara Falls. It was evidently enjoying the movement of the swiftly gliding stream. It had no sense of danger. Why should it be afraid? Didn’t it have wings? Couldn’t it just fly off when the point of danger was reached? So it thought, as it rested free from care on the piece of wood which carried it down near the dizzy edge.

When it reached the point of danger it tried to soar, but alas! It could not. The river’s mist had frozen upon its wings, and so it miserably perished as the waters plunged over. Isn’t there a serious danger that our habits fix us so immovably to the drift of our circumstances that we cannot free ourselves, even when we want to?