Be Thankful

GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.

Let’s take a moment to focus on the topic of thankfulness. Luke—the physician—recorded this event in the life of Jesus, showing why we ought to be thankful.

Found in Luke 17:11–19, this is the story of Jesus healing ten lepers. Once they were healed, the ten men ran off excited. But only one came back to praise God for what had happened. Just as these men were physically healed of their leprosy, we receive salvation (or spiritual healing) from Jesus that warrants our gratitude.
First, we can be thankful that Jesus came to us (vv. 11–13)

Second, we need to also be thankful because Jesus hears our cries (v. 14)

Finally, we need to be thankful that Jesus can cleanse us and make us whole (v. 14)