Who Told You?

“You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth” – 1 Samuel 17:33

Are you stuck in a rut today because of the negative words that have been spoken over you in the past? In today’s verse, we see that before David faced Goliath, he heard the accusing voices. But instead of listening to what others said, he chose to listen to what God said. He knew he was called, chosen and equipped to defeat that giant; and today, you are called, chosen and equipped for victory, too!

Remember what we need to say every time, “I am who God says I am.” What we’re saying in effect is “I am not who my chemistry teacher says I am.” “I am not who my boss says I am.” “I am not who my critics say I am,” and nowadays, “I am not who the bloggers say I am.” “I am who God says I am.” That means we are anointed. We are equipped. We are talented. We are redeemed. We are blessed. We have the favor of God!

Today, if you’ve been held back by negative words spoken over you, ask yourself, “Who told me I’m not tall enough?” “Who told me I’m just average?” “Who told me that I’m not that talented?” Let go and forgive those people. Stop listening to the wrong voices and take the limits off of your life!