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Winning Ways

Winning Ways Foundation is a multifunctional convoke of Christ believing Professionals, Businessmen, Ministers & Individuals, come together for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in India. A team of people who are known by living Christ in action rather than speech. The team is available to every corner and nook which needs the true God and is void of all language, nationality, denomination, organisation, caste, color & creed. Winning Ways believes in letting the full amplitude of a person’s call in all required areas of the body of Christ. The team believes in just serving the Lord & His sheeps in the most simple way. It believes in allowing God to work as He desires and not as man desires.

Though Winning Ways is governed by a team of people who are well established in the doctrines of the word and especially the Salvation of Christ and it’s global gospelisation, it allows freedom of speech & action to all who come in it’s tent, but in all godliness and righteousness.

We are priviledged that you could take out some time to read this and we believe that you will become a part of this rapidly growing team for the expansion of God’s kingdom and for the proclamation of His glory.

WWF (Winning Way Foundation) conducts seminars, mobile word of God schools, meetings, conventions, one day retreats, youth retreats, picnics, counselling units, gospel drives, music tents, vocational training drives & christian update & upgrade programs.

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